My name is Ted Sacawa and my interest in Ford Mustangs began in 1970 when I purchased a new 1970 Mustang Coupe. It became my daily driver through all types of weather in the great Northeast. Snow tires on a Mustang? Yes, and unfortunately the harsh winters eventually took its toll and I bid a fond farewell to my friend after 8 years of faithful service.

I tabled my interest for a while and decided to go the family route until the early 1990s when I picked up a 1989 hatchback that also served as transportation for my son, Brian, through his high school and college years.

I currently own three Mustangs. Although I appreciate the time, effort and expense that goes into a well restored Mustang, my primary attraction is to the unrestored Mustangs. An unrestored Mustang may not be as awe inspiring as a freshly restored one from a cosmetic standpoint, but an unrestored Mustang will reveal the true character not only of the car, but also of the owner.

The care and effort devoted to maintain these vehicles as if they were fresh off the assembly line, without any material changes, is truly remarkable and challenging. Each unrestored Mustang in itself is very unique, they may have had many previous owners, and historically they tell a different story.

I have seen many unrestored, or as close to unrestored Mustangs through the years and I continue to marvel at the sight of these cars that have stood the test of time. Maintaining the originality, or as close to as possible, without an influx of aftermarket parts, or major changes, adds to the beauty and aura of an unrestored Mustang or to any other unrestored vehicle as well.

Hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for stopping by.