The Details

Color: Brittany Blue

Interior: Blue standard bucket seats

Engine: 289 2v 200 hp

Options: Automatic transmission, power steering, radio delete


The Story

I purchased this Mustang on November 12, 2015. It was built at the Metuchen, New Jersey plant on November 13, 1967 and delivered to the Smith-Cairns Motor Sales Co. in Bronxville, New York. It was purchased by Adeline Brassillio on December 20, 1967. The Mustang was registered and driven until placed in storage in November 1998 with 48,122 documented miles.

After approximately 14 years in storage the Mustang was purchased by Jeff Gill in April 2012 and underwent a cosmetic restoration beginning in 2014. The restoration began with the intent of maintaining as much of the originality as possible. With original rust free body panels, a fresh coat of Brittany Blue paint was applied. Added was a reflective C stripe tape, along with a low-gloss, black paint application to the hood louvers. The rust free undercarriage was cleaned and detailed and a dual exhaust was also added.

The Mustang retains all of its original exterior trim. The interior, with the exception of the front seat covers, instrument bezel, and a refurbishing of the steering column remains as it was in 1968. The engine compartment was refinished, with special attention to leaving the original factory markings untouched. The engine and transmission are original to the car.

This Mustang is an excellent example of how an original car can still maintain its originality when combined with a carefully planned cosmetic restoration. It was obvious that a total restoration of this Mustang was not necessary. As one who appreciates original cars I retained the original seat covers and the original instrument bezel.

I have the original owner’s manual, owner warranty identification card, the owner quality care card and related brochures included with the original sale. Also are miscellaneous service records verifying the accuracy of the mileage.

With a recent best in class award, and featuring a unique blend of originality combined with a new look, this Mustang is ready for the show car circuit with an odometer reading of 48,752 original miles.